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Robert La. is north of New Orleans about 60 miles give or take a

few miles. I should no how far it is for I have traveled it 10 out of 13

days there and back. We are staying in a the Coast to Coast Park just north of 12.http://PamHaroldKatie.blogspot.com

We have had the Blues sky ever day till Monday  night then

the sky got ugly I never seen people run so fast.They ran into bars

ran to the cabs and to the buses.You would have thought Colonel Jackson

was coming .




Tuseday 3rd was a good to till 8:00 then it rain all night .

I was hoping that are 5th wheel would float. I didn’t take

any picture of it but our park was under water. We are leaving

Friday to go north towards Memphis Tennessee


Final Four Week End

How Lucky were we to be here when the biggest college

basketball games are going on.Parking lots were full, the street

were back up, and Bourbon St. had more people then I had

ever seen.It was great .Pam,  Jason & My self spent the

day Friday 30th.in the Big Easy. I’ve wanted all week to

say that Big Easy hahahaha.





Just some of the people and it got crazier as the night

went on. Oh by the way did I fail to mention there

was also, a Kiss concert going on Friday night, well there

was .



We had so much fun that night it even rained some,

but no one cared.


They were the real deal. Not some look a like.


Look at that smile can’t be more happier then that.

   and her hair is  WET from rain,,,,,,

Week in New Orleans

Some of the fun we had. The three of us came

to town and the town showed us much more.



You can see just about every thing on Bourbon St.




When I say you can see it all you can hahahahaha


Now that’s not bad to look at


This guy had to see if the bush was real


On our second day we had to go and find the swamp




Jason and our guide Bishop he like being called



Now this is a real gator not like the first one but just as big


Jason and Bish coming up what to do next


Hay lets get a baby gator and pass it a round



Life on the West Pearl River



Time to go back to the truck.Hope you like our fun

time on the river


Just had to show a picture of the swamp


So I hope I did it right this time about the gas prices are going up.

CBS Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) – Oil prices hit a new nine-month high and gas pump prices climbed closer to $4 a gallon across much of the country.

WWJ’s Stephanie Davis reports that metro Detroiters will have to dig deeper in their pockets to fill up their tanks, as gas prices rise about twenty cents in two days.

Regular gas prices ranging from $3.59 – $3.69 a gallon along a stretch of Woodward from Royal Oak to Ferndale were seen on Thursday.

“I’ve got an economical car but it’s kind of crazy but what can you do about it, unless everyone works together to protest it, there is really nothing you can do,” said Dante Combs from Highland Park.

Combs says he pays between $38 -$40 to fill up his 13- gallon tank with mid-grade.

Motorist John Carlos has a different stratgey, “I’m filling up now while the prices (are at this level) and I’m…

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IT going to cos…

IT going to cost lot more money to get home this year

I just can’ get it right

It is nice to fine the Red Wings here in Tx.even if I have to go to Detroit news paper.

CBS Detroit

The Red Wings, who will go for their 24th straight home victory against the Vancouver Canucks, have their share of truly great players.

With all due respect to Bobby Orr and others, with each passing game, week, month, season, the ageless Nicklas Lidstrom makes his case for being the greatest defenseman of all time.

Until shelved by minor knee surgery this week, Pavel Datsyuk was playing some of the best hockey of his career. And that is saying a lot because he has had an extraordinary, and in many ways underrated, career.

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