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Tunica Mississippi

Yes we got our tire fix and left Durant Ms. on

the 11th of Apr. couldn’t drive fast enough to get out of town.

We went up the road to Tunica Ms. Pete told me they had a

nice camp grounds at the Harrah’s Casino and they sure did.

It was just as nice as the one in Kinder la. and at fourteen

Dollars night we stayed four nights.We had a lot of fun we hike

We gambled and we went sight seen.



We will go hiking first at the River park & Museum

Well look here they have a river boat Cruises did not go

on it .



Katie looks all happy she got to go with us and run wild.


I do know we are in the Swamp and not Marsh  because Swamp have trees and a Marsh dose not.

We learn that earlier this spring at the Alligator Ranch. Now the lower left corner you can see a cotton mouth snake

it is on the sign and it says beware of poison snake. At this time I should turn around and go back to the truck but I don’t.

They have very nice trails here and Pam say if you stay on the trail you will be all right. I should have learn a long time

a go that Pam is not all ways right.


Now this is some kind diamondback swamp snake this is the best picture I got

but you can see him or her which ever it my be.


Now this one is a cotton mouth still I don’t  have a better picture

but go to Pam blog and you can see a better one. Now that we have

all that Snake Stuff out of the way we can see some pretty picture

off the swamp.




We had nine different  trees in the wet lands they all were

marked like this one.I didn’t want you to think I was a tree

expert .



This is the Mississippi River we have seen the Mississippi from Minnesota where it

starts to New Orleans where it ends and in the middle such as Tunica, Memphis,

St Louis, La Crosse Wi. Dubuque Iowa and it looks different and the same all at the same time.

They all have River Boat rides.I guess we travel up and down the river more then

we real lies. So much for the river lets go  to Memphis to Beal St.and have some fun.






You just see it all Models Jazz players Jazz singers to clowns oh yaaaa.

This guy name Gene’o he gave us a tour of the street it only cost me $20.00

Thought Dwayne would get kick out that.


Well it is time to go back to the park And head north in the

morning Good night till later.


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