Crazy Horse Two

We had such a good time the first  day we went back for more.

When we left we took needles high way back home. That took

longer then I thought because I only had 1/4 tank of fuel.

So when it said we had 10 miles to go and my Fuel gauge

was dining I didn’t know if we were going to make it.

If you know the needles high way the last ten miles  is five up hill

five down with all the switch backs it seem a lot further.So hang on

and lets go for a ride.I have a video of the blasting but couldn’t

figure  it out put on the blog.



This the road going up needles high way you can see the high way and the

Tunnel in front of us.



Here is the resin for the name needles high way.




This is the tunnel  you have to go through  at the Needles point


Just on the other side of the point we seen this mountain goat.

We just thought that was great.

then we seen buffalo deer and more goats




Good shot with the camera Pam all three are Bucks.


Here comes the last ten miles






We made it to the gas station  just in time we put $100.00 in and

it still was not full, but the road and the view  is something you have to see.



South Dakota

We made it to South Dakota in three Days not fast for us but to fast for Mom.

On the third day it was not fast enough for her so that was along hard day.



We stop at the rest area over looking the Missouri river and still had a long day a head.We

arrived at are park on Oct.2 second about 5:30. So now fun start


For some one who doesn’t like snakes I seem to find my share. 

We took Mom to Reptile Gardens and had good time once we got out of the Snakes.



The Mirrors were in New York Worlds Fair.



Oh Did I for get to tell you  we had Snow on the ground on the 5th of Oct.

we went to Mount Rushmore and it was snowing so hard that my pictures deleted them

self’s so I can’t show you any pictures of the snow.But here is a good picture from the 7th.


Blue sky’s just about 70 degrees  ok it was 57 still close to 70 .

Ok we half to back in order here we went to big bear country first.


These three bears are going home we saw the bears when we were on the 1880 train.

This is my best pictures  out of the hole raid Pam got some real nice pictures but she was by the window.


Just in case you have not seen snow clouds in a long time this is what they look like.

These are neat because the sun see shining through.


How about this I turn back and Pam gets fresh  with an old gold digger

Tin can hairy . LOL


Back to big bear country he’s not to happy that we are there



This guy coming to meet us.


I took his picture with my finger on the up button of the window


I don’t think he happy to see us. If you want to see some bears this is the place to go.

we were told that bears were so active because it was cooler  out side.


He is enjoying the cooler weather to.


this otter is a different color but I don’t know otters either


Crazy Horse and we had a Crazy good time. We went to Crazy Horse two days

when we got there the first day we found out they were blasting on the next day

I thought we should go back to see it because you don’t get to see them blast to often.

I’ll just show you some Pictures of our first day.




This is what it will look like when it is done.


A nice picture   of Crazy horse as the sun is going down.


If you could read the poster it would tell you that 21 people could ride  the stag coach

nine in the side and 12 on top.

Going to get Mom

Today is Wed. the 26th we are leaving on Sat.the 29th to get Pam,Mom.Darlene is going to meet us half way some where on the West side of Chicago. It will be five and half hour drive one way. We will turn around and go back to Spring Grove that same day.On Sunday the 30th we leave for S.D. that will be a three day trip, Mom will slow us down by one day at least.

  We had to go and buy a new Heater a because ours didn’t work as good as it should have. So we bought twin star from Sam’s club. It looks like Kens & Cathy so I hope it works as good as there.IMG_1487

I guess I have a crocked eye when it comes to taking pitchers.I’m glad that are 5th wheel isn’t leaning that bad.It is time to take the dog for a walk. No we do not have a new dog I miss spoke I meant to say Katie she dose not know she a dog.



Katie on the wrong side of the river.


I just like water falls big or little


This is a tree that goes over the trail it could be a hanging tree but it hasn’t been for a long time.


This is a view from the top of the tree.You should see Katie in the shadows.IMG_1469

Just another view from the top the river is on the right.



We all ways show you views from the top of the look out but this is a view of the look out and how high you are up.


This was Katie and my walk for the day.IMG_1448

The trees around the 5th wheel are turning real fast.


This is a picture of Pam from the smore fun sign.


That all for now see you later.

Monday Sept. 3rd 2:15 in the afternoon

It just got done raining and I was going to go fishing before it started.

So now I’m going try to get caught up after three months it won’t be easy.

I have some pictures of what we have done this summer and fun it was.



So I was talking about fishing so  I thought I would show you some Fish that is.

The big one is 14 inch and the little one 8 inch so in all it was a good morning of

fishing.We will get a good dose of fish oil and won’t have to take one pill.


When we first got back to Minnesota,spring was just arriving

the trees were just turning green.




By May 15th things were green birds were back and the fish were bigger


I hope if you click on the pic. you can see her feeding

the baby’s


We even found time to go to the movies.


This is first big show of the year it is the Butter fest Sparta Wi..We have the full size

truck and the little size you have to sign up to win four lines no waiting .

Opps I got cared a way there.It just comes out.


We are in Decorah Iowa about  half way done big goat little goat



Big pig little pig only in Iowa



This girl help parks us every morning took us to open spot all the rest

just pointed sent you on your way.


This is the court house in Decorah the biggest building in town

I didn’t have to go there I just wanted to show you the court  house.


Rice County the best thing about Rice County was the girls

that were running for Queen


I do not know if this is a sun set or storm clouds moving in

but a good pic. of the ferias wheel.


This guy all so juggled and rode his horse at the same time.

Time to get out of Rice county .Ahh we can check out Queens one more time


That’s all for now it is 4:51 time for dinner

We have left Tunica Ms.on the 15th and heading north to Missouri.

Fulton Mo. there is a coast to coast park and we will be there three

nights Starting on the 17th and we plan on having lots of fun. Little did

we know there was no phone service or  internet.We wanted to catch

up on our Blog and let every one know where we were at.But that didn’t

happen so here we are Spring Grove MN. what we call home. So today is

Sunday the 22nd so we will show some picture from Wildwood park.

We done lot of hiking in the woods seen some water falls,deer’s,

Turkeys ,




Well here are three different water falls the deer and Turkeys were

to fast for me to take a picture of them.


This is where the deer were I didn’t even get there white



This is Katie and Pam no turkeys here.


Just Green Trees and Blue sky’s We had great weather the whole

time we were there.

Tunica Mississippi

Yes we got our tire fix and left Durant Ms. on

the 11th of Apr. couldn’t drive fast enough to get out of town.

We went up the road to Tunica Ms. Pete told me they had a

nice camp grounds at the Harrah’s Casino and they sure did.

It was just as nice as the one in Kinder la. and at fourteen

Dollars night we stayed four nights.We had a lot of fun we hike

We gambled and we went sight seen.



We will go hiking first at the River park & Museum

Well look here they have a river boat Cruises did not go

on it .



Katie looks all happy she got to go with us and run wild.


I do know we are in the Swamp and not Marsh  because Swamp have trees and a Marsh dose not.

We learn that earlier this spring at the Alligator Ranch. Now the lower left corner you can see a cotton mouth snake

it is on the sign and it says beware of poison snake. At this time I should turn around and go back to the truck but I don’t.

They have very nice trails here and Pam say if you stay on the trail you will be all right. I should have learn a long time

a go that Pam is not all ways right.


Now this is some kind diamondback swamp snake this is the best picture I got

but you can see him or her which ever it my be.


Now this one is a cotton mouth still I don’t  have a better picture

but go to Pam blog and you can see a better one. Now that we have

all that Snake Stuff out of the way we can see some pretty picture

off the swamp.




We had nine different  trees in the wet lands they all were

marked like this one.I didn’t want you to think I was a tree

expert .



This is the Mississippi River we have seen the Mississippi from Minnesota where it

starts to New Orleans where it ends and in the middle such as Tunica, Memphis,

St Louis, La Crosse Wi. Dubuque Iowa and it looks different and the same all at the same time.

They all have River Boat rides.I guess we travel up and down the river more then

we real lies. So much for the river lets go  to Memphis to Beal St.and have some fun.






You just see it all Models Jazz players Jazz singers to clowns oh yaaaa.

This guy name Gene’o he gave us a tour of the street it only cost me $20.00

Thought Dwayne would get kick out that.


Well it is time to go back to the park And head north in the

morning Good night till later.


We are in Durant Mississippi population 2932.It is 80 miles north of Jackson MS.

and 130 miles south of Memphis TN. and here we are smack in the middle of no

where. We have been here for three days now and we have seen town up side

down and in side out trust me this isn’t a must see town where you just have to

stop.Quarter of the town is falling down.





Now we have one Quarter all boarded  up but not falling down





The old railroad depot it still standing.

Now we have the Quarter that is closed




The HOLLY WOOD CAFÉ didn’t make it so that should tell you some thing.

So now we have the stores that  we think are open.



There is two police car here so they my not be

open tomorrow


open for breakfast ahhhh It mite be closed


We have two Double quick Gas station can’t beat Chicken

and seafood just one stop.No town is complete with out

a dollar store


Now we are right across  from the Double Quick and the

Family dollar right behind us


Yes This is where we have lived the last three days.

Now some people think what happen to there town is 55 went

three miles west of Durant passing them by.Then some think

when the railroad  left that did them in. Then some think the

people them self  did it. So we will never know.



So I hope you enjoyed my tour of Durant MS. so when

drive by keep on going

Just to let you know  some history here they had two

People that died in 9-11 attack.

One in the tower ,

and one in the plane that hit the tower.



Just a small town and they lost two men on that Day.